Curing Acne

Acne is the most prevalent skin disease. It is most common among teenagers but can also
affect adults in to their forties and sometimes beyond. There are many theories on what causes acne and how to treat it. There are reports from the medical community saying hormones may play a small role in acne prouction but is not considered the the main source.
There are others that consider hormonal imbalance as the culprit that causes acne. Treating
acne is dictated by the cause of this dreaded affliction and other factors. 

There are many over the counter products on the market along with medications
and antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist, acne home remedies, light therapy and diet. No
wonder acne sufferers become so confused when it comes to finding an acne remedy

To find the answer to what's the best way to come up with the right solution has got to be
to first figure out the cause of acne. Finding the cause is not easy because there are so
many conflicting theories on what the real cause is. So where does this leave you when your
main concern is acne relief?
Being an acne sufferer I'm sure you have tried over the counter acne medications. I'm also
sure that you have tried more then one kind or the other and the reason for this is usually
because they either don't work or work for only a while, but regardless the results are not what
you expected.

Let's examine the reason that these topical medications are not effective in treating your acne. Okay let's suppose the cause of your acne is actually an internal problem. This would mean that by using medications you are only treating the results of an internal disorder. You are medicating the results (acne) but doing nothing to cure the cause.

There is one more factor we should examine. All of the acne medication on the market are
produced by the drug companies. With all there resources it seems that they could come up
with a way of curing acne but the only products they produce are potions for treating acne.
Why do you suppose this is? Treating the results of your problem is continuous because the
cause still exists. This means they can sell you their acne treatment as long as you have
acne. If they put a product on the market that would cure the cause of you acne it would be
a one time sale with no future sales. The truth is they don't want you to cure your acne
because they would not have those continuous sales. It's all about greed.

Don't fall into the temporary solution to your acne by using drug company products, when you should be curing the causes. Go after the internal cause and  be acne free once and for all.

Before you figure your between a rock and a hard place with your acne, I've got some good
news. There is a system on the market that shows you how to cure the internal cause of your
of your acne. The name of the system is Acne No More and it targets the cause of your acne.
This system was created by Mike Walden a nutritionist, medical researcher and a health consultant who was an acne sufferer. Before you purchase Acne No More I want to warn you that this is no a quick fix system. You are going to have to make some changes in your lifestyle and put forth the effort to let the system work. If you don't feel you'll have the  perseverance then I would suggest you continue your present program. All I can say now is that this is the real deal and does what it says it will.
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