Curing Acne With The Right Diet

Acne products are a large focus market do to acne being the most common skin problems in
the world. These products are made with the intended of treating acne. Acne is most prevalent
in teen years but can also affect adults into there forties and sometimes beyond. According
to the medical profession hormones may play some role in adult acne, but is not considered
the main source of acne. The truth of the matter is, the medical community is still not sure what really causes acne. It is believed in some circles that hormonal imblance plays a larger role in acne breakouts then the medical community will admit. This is most likely why most acne products have no long term results.

What is Acne?

Dermatologist will tell you it's when dead skin cells plug hair follicles (pores) and prevent sebum (oily substance that lubricates your hair and skin) from reaching the skin surface and bacteria begins to grow. This can trigger infection and inflamation. Before we take this to heart let's do a little investagation. If the above is true then why doesn't any of the over the counter treatments cure your acne. Could it be because the cause of acne is triggered by other underlaying factors. There has been research that shows that the wrong diet is is one of the acne triggering factors.  

Acne's Effect on the Individual 

Acne can be very embarrassing to the individual. It can be detrimental to your self-esteem. You find that you have more stress in your life.You find yourself trying to avoid looking in the mirror You have a difficut time looking people in the eye. You pass up social events because you are embarrassed.

Trying to Find a Solution to Your Acne 

You have so far in your life been inudated with television commercials touting the latest and best acne medication. So you go to the drug store to find this miracle cure. When you get to the asile of salvation you discover topical medications, soaps, washes and more, all claiming to be the best. Eventially you pick a product or two and leave with the vision of finally ridding yourself of those life changing pimples. After a period of time you notice some improvement and feel your on your way to a clear complexion. Then you wake up one morning and you have a massive breakout. So back to the store for something better. After following this routine for a while with no real gains you make an appointment with a dermatologist and you start down the same path as your previous effort.

Why doesn't this Work?

These medications that you buy at the drug store and get from your dermatologist are not a cure for acne. They are only made to take care of the external symptoms and create a
dependency. Think about this, the majority of medications produced by drug companies for any ailment are pre-designed to treat the symtoms not target the cause and cure it. Why is this, it's called greed. Drug companies can make only a small amout of money selling you someting that cures compared to what they can make selling you a product that only treats the problem. This way you become dependent on there product as they make billions of dollars.

My Experience with Acne

I went through the same routine to start, the drug store and multiple products that only gave me hope for a short period of time with no long term results. Then I visited my family doctor who was in his sixties at that time. He told me he has noticed a increase in acne over the years and felt the cause was internal. He went on to say he felt acne was the effect of
something going on inside. He felt it had a lot to do with eating habits and the way foods were processed. He went on to say that advertizing by manufacturers changed peoples diets over the years. He suggested a diet that excluded dairy products and a majority of processed foods and with more fruits and veggies. But he went on to say I would have to test this and most
likely make some changes as I went along. I did see an improvement but my acne was still evident. 

The End of Acne

Since I had tried multiple over the counter drug company products, visited a dermatologist and tried the percription medication route with no results, I'm thinking why would this doctor know more about curing acne then the drug companies and dermatologists. To say the least I was skeptical. So I continued down the same path I had been on, looking for that miracle cure.
Then one day about a year later I was online still looking for that magic potion and ran across a website that had a different approach from what the drug companies and dermatologists were peddling. It was a ebook with instructions on curing acne. It's sales page in essence was saying the same as my doctor had told me about how acne was caused internally and had to be treated from the inside out. This interested me immensely and started to make sense. So since I had already spent a lots of time and money on products that didn't work I thought what can I loose my ordering this Acne No More ebook. Within 10 days of following the principles outlined in the book I started to see a remarkable improvment. Within 40 days I had no acne. The ebook teaches you how to take responsiblity over your body. It shows you can eliminate your acne by maintaining the proper diet and following the other essential steps contributing to the cause of this disease. By following this system you will be permanently curing your acne holistically and give youself a flawless complexion.  

Caution Before You Buy Acne No More

If you are looking for a quick fix program to rid yourself of your acne I would suggest you stop right here. The Acne No More program is going to take effort on your part. But in the end that effort will be rewarded with an acne free complexion.

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